Rosatom Newsletter


July 2016
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Lead Story
New from Breakthrough Project
Rosatom's Breakthrough Project is making progress towards a closed fuel cycle and a new power generation platform based on fast breeder reactors. Equipment installation is about to kick off at the Breakthrough pilot center designed to test technologies of the future.
In Brief
Shipment to China
Sverdlovsk Research Institute of Chemical Engineering (a subsidiary of Atomenergomash, Rosatom's nuclear engineering division) has shipped electric heaters to Tianwan NPP Units 3 and 4, now under construction in China.
Services Worth 50 Million
Maintenance contracts signed over the last three years with Tianwan, a nuclear station recently built with Russia's involvement in China, are worth in excess of 50 million US dollars, says a press release of Rusatom Overseas.
Nuclear Station Design in Half Time
According to Rosatom's industry center for capital construction, the time needed to design a nuclear station will be reduced from two years to just a year by 2019.
In Focus
Rosatom Helps Schoolchildren in South Africa
In a joint effort with the South African Young Nuclear Professionals Society (SAYNPS), Rosatom's regional office for Sub-Saharan Africa revitalized two chemical labs in Botlhabelo High School located in Brits, one of the poorest cities in North West Province of South Africa.
Equipment for New Kudankulam Units
India is expected to bring its Kudankulam Unit 2 online in the near future. Meanwhile, Russia has started equipment manufacturing for Units 3 and 4.
TVS-K to Be Tested in USA
Russia's state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom and its American counterparts agreed to test pilot the company's new fuel for Western-designed reactors at US-based nuclear power plants.