Priargunsky to Resume Uranium Mining at Facility Mothballed 15 Years Ago

The Priargunsky Mining and Chemical Plant mines uranium at Mines 1 and 8 and extracts it by in-situ leaching at Mine 4.

The plant also uses heap leaching in developing residual reserves of the Tulukuy quarry and dumping grounds out of use. Mine 6 has been out of operation for 15 years. Its construction was started in the 1980s, but suspended in 1991. In 2005, Priargunsky resumed the mine construction and built a draw-works unit, an elevator facility and administrative premises. Everything was ready to pump water out of the shafts. The mine is currently mothballed, but operations can be resumed anytime after water is pump out. The Mine 6 development project is supervised by the government of Zabaikalsky Krai. Regional authorities stay in close contact with the federal government in solving issues related to financing the project and looking for investors.