Research Plan for Kazakh Tokamak Approved

The CIS Commission on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy held a meeting on the margins of EXPO-2017. The meeting was attended by members of the Commission, industry experts and representatives of government bodies from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia.

The meeting approved an updated plan of material tests and research to be conducted in Kazakhstan’s tokamak. In June 2017, the country completed the first phase of the tokamak’s startup with the active assistance of Rosatom. The plan is to reach a standard operating mode in November 2017. The parties also agreed to Kazakhstan’s proposal to include its legacy uranium mining facilities into the CIS Uranium Mining Site Rehabilitation Program. Another item on the agenda was a draft agreement to implement a joint initiative of using Yttrium-90 generators to produce this isotope for pharmaceutical purposes. The draft was approved in general, and the working group was tasked to develop a roadmap for the project.