UMATEX Group Started Certification Process for Aircraft Carbon Fiber

This was announced by Andrei Igantiev, Sales Director at Rosatom’s subsidiary Umatex Group during the press conference at Astana EXPO-2017. UMATEX Group has been supplying aircraft composite materials based on carbon fiber manufactured at Argon for several decades.

New carbon-based materials produced at Alabuga-Volokno are half the way there. “We have started the process of obtaining certificates for our new carbon fiber to be used in the aircraft and shipbuilding industries. This material is already used as reinforcement abroad, and we are working to obtain permits to use it in the national construction industry. Simultaneously, we are working to make our way to international markets. They follow the same rules as we do: in order to use the new material in the car industry, shipbuilding or aviation, we have to prove that the product complies with technical and economic requirements,” he said. Ignatiev noted that European manufacturers used carbon fiber from Germany, the United States or Japan. “Meanwhile, carbon fiber made in Russia can be used internationally in most applications. It is mandatory, though, to check the declared specifications of the new material and verify its compliance with the requirements for end products. Tens of companies are testing our fiber; some tests have been passed successfully. We are drafting supply contracts,” Ignatiev said.