WANO Assesses Readiness of Rostov Unit 4

A pre-startup peer review was completed by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) at the Rostov nuclear power plant in early September.

A group of WANO experts from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China, Korea, France, Slovakia and Canada assessed operational readiness of Unit 4. Vasily Aksyonov. Director of WANO Moscow, expressed an opinion that Unit 4 would be as safe and reliable as all the other units of Rostov NPP. “My confidence in safe operations of the new unit is supported by a number of facts. First, I rely on the results of the WANO peer review of Unit 4. Second, it is the fourth reactor unit that has been commissioned in Volgodonsk since the beginning of the 21st century. It will be operated by a strong team of experienced nuclear professionals. If the Government decided to build four more units, the Rostov team would be even stronger,” Aksyonov said. Andrei Salnikov, Director of Rostov NPP, thanked the experts for their work and stressed that the joint efforts of international experts and the local team contributed to safety of the nuclear plant. Unit 4 is scheduled to go critical in 2017.