Rosatom Ready to Export Security Systems

Rosatom made a decision to export site security systems to the countries where the company builds its nuclear plants.

This was announced by Rosatom’s Deputy CEO Nikolai Spassky at last week’s international conference on nuclear non-proliferation hosted by Moscow. “The global situation is – to put it mildly – very unquiet. This is the reason why we made a very serious decision this year to address numerous requests of our customers. We are ready to provide consistent support to the countries where we build nuclear plants by means of installing security equipment,” Mr. Spassky said. According to him, it is the country where the nuclear plant is located that is ultimately responsible for maintaining on-site security and operation of security systems. “There should be no confusion on this point, but we are ready to provide technical solutions and equipment. Believe it or not, it was a really difficult decision for us, because it had to do with very sensitive information, often on the verge of state secrets. Nevertheless, we decided to do so, because it is vital and critical,” Mr. Spassky concluded.