ATOMEX 2017 Will Be Held In Moscow

In November, Moscow will host two major industry events – ATOMEX 2017, a forum for nuclear industry suppliers, and AtomEco 2017.

On 14–16 November 2017, Moscow will host the 9th nuclear industry suppliers’ forum ATOMEX. The purpose of the forum is to discuss current procurement contracts granted by Rosatom and inform suppliers of new tenders in the nuclear industry. ATOMEX 2017 will be attended by speakers from Rosatom’s leading divisions and subsidiaries. The Forum will also bring together representatives of non-nuclear companies, including small and medium businesses, from Russia and abroad. Among them are Rolls-Royce from the UK, Krohne Engineering from Germany, Staubli France, Groupe Intersyndical de l’Industrie Nucléaire (GIIN, France), a pool of Finnish companies, etc. Suppliers are expected to present over 50 innovative solutions and products at presentation sessions during ATOMEX 2017. Guest of the Forum are given access to an online business appointment system designed to facilitate business contacts and meeting scheduling between procurement teams of nuclear companies, suppliers and regulatory authorities. The online service is available on the Forum’s official website at It offers forum guests an opportunity to schedule meetings and negotiations in advance. The Business Meetings section features a list of Rosatom’s representatives to take part in B2B meetings on behalf of key Rosatom Group companies.


On 21–22 November 2017, Moscow will host AtomEco, a forum for nuclear industry players to discuss the latest solutions and share best practices in radioactive waste / spent nuclear fuel management and nuclear decommissioning. They will discuss international cooperation in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. Experts will share their opinion on environmental safety issues, public acceptance of nuclear power, and many others. AtomEco is an international venue to discuss environmental impacts of the nuclear industry. Traditionally, the Forum is attended by leading Russian and international experts in the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle, radioactive waste management, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, legacy management, and industrial waste disposal. The Forum will also host an exhibition, a conference, B2B meetings and negotiations. Round-table discussions will be followed by a photo exhibition featuring works of the Hungarian photographer Vince Balint, who is also a graphics designer at the Paks Information Center, an exhibition of the International Photography Contest for Kids, and presentations of Paks and Gerjen communities (Paks and Paks II, Hungary).