WANO: Novovoronezh Practices Can Be Used at Other NPPs

WANO experts completed their technical support mission to the Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant.

The mission was devoted to the protection of the plant’s systems against ingress of foreign objects. The experts identified four practices that deserve to be replicated at other nuclear plants in Russia and abroad. They include information posters at the entrance to nuclear facilities, equipment simulators for employees to learn how to prevent foreign objects from getting into open systems, additional measures against ingress of fine particles, and training courses for municipal college students who will works as supervisors at the plant. The WANO mission consisted of nine experts from Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Ukraine. “Novovoronezh left us with a very positive impression. As a representative of the nuclear power plant under construction, I find this mission to be extremely useful as I had an opportunity to see an operating plant. I think results of the mission can be used during the equipment installation phase of our project. They should be carefully examined and implemented. Many of the practices I saw at Novovoronezh will be introduced at our plant in Belarus,” said Sergei Bylchinsky, a WANO expert representing the Belarus Nuclear Power Plant.