Printing Implants

Pilot production of 3D-printed medical implants will start in Russia in 2020, RusAT CEO Alexei Dub told Russian news agency TASS.

“We plan to start pilot production of implants for medical purposes in 2020. By the same year, we will develop our own 3D printing software, the so-called virtual printer,” Alexei Dub said.

He explained that RusAT would virtually establish an absolutely new industry to be based on the existing Russian-designed solutions for 3D printing. “There is no need to improve conventional products or mechanisms because we can use the latest technologies to create totally new items, for example in bionic design, that will have the same or better functionality but weigh ten times less,” he explained.

The goal set for RusAT is to increase its revenues to 50 billion rubles by 2025 and win over 1.5% of the global additive manufacturing market in software development, powders, 3D printing equipment, printing services, and 3D integration.