Mo-99 Supplies

Rosatom’s subsidiary JSCIsotope and Laboratorios Bacon, S.A.I.C. from Argentina signed a contract for the supply of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) for medical purposes.

The two-year contract provides for weekly shipments. Molybdenum-99 for Argentina will be fabricated at the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR).

The partnership between Izotop and Laboratorios Bacon started in 2013, but initial deliveries of Mo-99 to Argentina were irregular – only when the Argentinean research reactor producing this molybdenum isotope was shut down for maintenance.

“In 2017, the Russian party made a number of ‘back-up’ shipments to secure supplies of this critical isotope for Argentinean medical institutions. Technetium-99m, a product of molybdenum-99, is used in 70% of all diagnostic procedures in oncology and 50% in cardiology globally,” a representative of JSC Isotope said.

 For reference: A company of Rosatom’s R&D division, RIAR is the number one isotope producer in Russia in terms of its product range.

JSC Isotope is an authorized supplier of isotopes fabricated by Rosatom Group companies. At present, nuclear isotopes are supplied to 100 foreign customers from 30 different countries. In Russia, Izotop sells isotopes to 600 companies, including medical institutions, industrial manufacturers and research laboratories. Izotop operates a special fleet to transport isotopes and provides a comprehensive range of professional services related to isotope sales, irradiation devices and medical equipment.