Nominees Selected

Companies from 22 countries filed ATOMEXPO AWARDS submissions, which will be held on May 14, the opening day of the 10th International Forum ATOMEXPO 2018 in Sochi, have been filed by.

Awards will be given in five categories. The Best Launch award will be presented to the most promising nuclear development programs. The best projects for non-nuclear application of nuclear technology, such as nuclear medicine, safety and security, non-destructive testing and processing, will receive awards in the Nuclear Technology for Better Quality of Life category. The Innovations for the Future category will include the most innovative construction, operation, decommissioning and engineering projects in the nuclear industry. Awards in the Public Communication category will be given to the best communication projects aimed at improving public acceptance of nuclear energy. Finally, the Human Capital Development Awards will be presented to talent management projects in the nuclear industry.

An independent international jury consisting of nuclear experts from different countries will determine the winners. Three awards will be given in each category. The final meeting of the jury will take place on May 13. 

For reference: Award applications have been filed by companies from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ghana, Germany, Egypt, Zambia, India, Iran, Spain, Kenya, Mongolia, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Finland, France and South Africa.