Revenue Growth

In 2017, Atomenergoprom’s total revenue grew by RUB 47.2 billion (+6.7%) to RUB 747.1 billion (approx. USD 12.8 billion at the average exchange rate for 2017). These figures are presented in its audited financial statements prepared in accordance with international financial reporting standards.

The key revenue driver in 2017 was growth in sales of electricity on the domestic market.

Total profit of Rosatom Group companies in the reporting period increased by RUB 23.4 billion (+25.2%) year-on-year to RUB 116.2 billion (USD 1.99 billion). Assets grew by RUB 82.7 billion (+2.9%).

Atomenergoprom also managed to decrease its total debt by RUB 111.1 billion (down 37.6% year-on-year). According to Atomenergoprom, this step was necessary to prepare for upcoming major investment projects.

Key indicators of company’s financial position and liquidity suggest we are very stable financially,” Atomenergoprom states. 

AtomEnergoProm consolidates civil assets of the Russian nuclear industry.