Irradiation to boost economy

Rusatom Healthcare (RHC), a Rosatom subsidiary, signed four agreements on irradiation center project development in Brazil, Iran and Malaysia.

The Project Development Agreement (PDA) for the joint implementation and operation of an Irradiation Center in Brazil was signed with CK3 company.

”The PDA sets the roadmap of the formation of a joint company aimed to offer irradiation services to the Brazilian market. The joint venture will use Russian technologies based on electron accelerators and x-rays for sterilization of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare products and other industrial applications”,Rosatom reports.

According to RHC’s CEO Denis Cherednichenko, the Russian party sees potential in the Brazilian market in the field of medical product sterilization by radiation. ” The use of radiation technologies in the Brazilian healthcare sector can significantly improve the safety and quality of goods and services. Hermetically packaged medical products can be effectively sterilized, which reduces the risk of contamination in the production phase. Products treated with the radiation sterilization method will also increase the export potential of Brazilian companies engaged in the production of medical goods,” he said.

In Iran, RHC is teaming up with «Shar Parto Iranian» to create a network of irradiation centers. According to the agreement, they will establish a joint engineering company, which will build a network of irradiation centers in the country. The facilities, equipped with electron accelerators and gamma ray units, will be used to provide commercial services to sterilize pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical products, as well as food products.

RHC’s Malaysian partner is Beta Gamma Malaysia (BGM). The Project Development Agreement signed with this company is also aimed at the construction of an irradiation center network. According to the document, both parties are to elaborate a joint action plan. The first phase of the first Malaysian irradiation center will contain electron beam radiation processing facility. Its main focus will be on contract sterilization for high-value medical devices and fruits for export.

“The irradiation center will give Malaysia an opportunity to create even more prosperous, safe and sustainable future for all, as these technologies will bring great changes to our social and economic environment. It will contribute to development of medical, industrial and agricultural spheres of Malaysia, thus drastically improving the quality of life,” Dr. Zulkafli Ghazali, Chairman of BGM said.

The fourth agreement was signed with A Brown Company Inc. (Republic of the Philippines). According to it, the parties will build a network of irradiation centres in the Philippines. «The pilot project, to be built in the City of Davao, will provide commercial services of product treatment with ionizing radiation. It may also serve as a sterilization platform for medical devices», – Rosatom reports.

The document signed outlines certain stages of the project development, from feasibility studies to construction and commissioning.

For reference:

Rusatom Healthcare JSC was established as a Rosatom subsidiary for development and production of equipment and radionuclide products for nuclear medicine and medical radiology, as well as industrial equipment and sterilization solutions for processing different types of products with ionizing radiation on the basis of electron-beam and gamma-ray installations.