Transportation Goes Digital

ASE Group of Companies (Rosatom’s engineering division) and Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) signed an agreement for cooperation in designing, construction and operation of transportation infrastructure, creation of high-speed transit systems, and development of software to digitally transform the transportation industry.

At present, MIIT is working to provide the scientific basis for creating a transportation system under the Digital Economy program. The university also acts as an integrator of research efforts aimed at developing and applying digital technologies in the transportation industry.

In its turn, ASE Group of Companies acts as a general contractor within the framework of the Digital Economy program. The company is developing and implementing its own digital platform based on Multi-D technology.

Working with MIIT is an opportunity for ASE to exchange experience. The company believes that such cooperation will help Russia secure a leading role in engineering and construction of a wide range of complex facilities.

The experts from ASE and MIIT are going to analyze and structure the extensive data on transit system operations, enhance the efficiency of building information modeling, and improve the use of virtual and augmented reality tools.