Adygea Gives Go-Ahead

VetroOGK – a subsidiary of Rosatom’s Nova Wind, obtained a permit to construct a wind farm in the Republic of Adygea (Russia).

The initial permit for the construction of a 150 MW wind farm and a 220 kV switchyard was issued by a regional government expert panel. Now the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the Republic of Adygea has given a green light to the project as well.

Obtaining all regulatory approvals means that project design documents take account of site survey results and technical regulations and comply with sanitary, environmental, fire safety and formal requirements set forth in the Russian Urban Planning Code.

“The wind farm in Adygea is by far the largest wind energy project in Russia,” said Anton Kovalevskiy, First Deputy CEO of NovaWind. “The construction permit enables us to bring machinery to the site in expectation of turbine component deliveries that will start in August.” The construction site covers an area of 163,913 sq m.

News is also coming from Krasnodar region in the Russian south  where it is planned to build a 200 MW wind farm. Local authorities have decided to support the project that will need RUB 20.5 billion in investments.

According to NovaWind, wind measurements currently taken in Krasnodar region will help to determine optimal sites for wind turbines. The measurements will be completed early next year. NovaWind and local authorities are already selecting potential construction sites for the wind park. Before construction begins, the area should be checked for any explosive items and cleaned up if necessary. It will also be surveyed for the presence of any cultural and historical heritage sites.