Bid for WEC

The bid for St. Petersburg as the host city is initiated by the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC RNC) and supported by the Russian Energy Ministry. As a patron of WEC and member of RNC WEC, Rosatom fully supports the bid.

According to bidding documentation, Russia, one of the leaders of the international energy industry,  is planning to harness its scientific and technological potential, along with its strong standing in terms of producing and exporting energy sources, to generate conversation about the future of global energy supply.

The country also expects to promote dialogue among the new generation of industry professionals. “Russia puts an emphasis on the support for and promotion of ideas put forward by young energy specialists, their integration in the global ideology of the current and future development of the energy industry, and accumulation of the intellectual and creative potential for the sake of developing the energy sector in Russia and the entire world,” states the document.

The suggested dates for the event in St. Petersburg, the historical cradle of Russian industrial production, are June 11-15, 2022.

Voting for the host country will be open until July 29, 2018. Please find the full bid video here.