Commended for Digitalization

OKBM Afrikantov, a Rosatom company, developing naval and fast breeder reactors, won the WNE Award 2018 in the Skill & Knowledge Management category.

The awards ceremony was organized as part of the World Nuclear Exhibition that took place in Paris. OKBM Afrikantov’s award-winning project deals with organization and transfer of knowledge, including key technologies, from developers to customers and product users.

The comprehensive knowledge management systems will protect intellectual capital and maintain OKBM’s leadership on the global nuclear technology market, particularly in fast neutron reactors and marine reactors.

As a result, knowledge and expertise accumulated by OKBM Afrikantov during the many years of its existence will be turned into intellectual property. This will improve competitiveness of the company’s products and bring in extra income from patent sales.

All research documents have been stored in a digital archives since 2012. The plan is to digitalize the existing hard copies.