Full House at NucKids Show

NucKids 2018, an international creative project for children organized by Rosatom, wrapped up with a show in Moscow.

On August 15 and 16, the NucKids musical “Lomonosov’s Scroll” ran at Moscow’s Et Cetera theater. The show brought together 56 kids from Russia and 24 from Bangladesh, Belarus, Great Britain, Hungary, Egypt, India, China, Turkey, and Croatia..

The rehearsals began on July 5, 2018 in Tolna (Hungary), ending up with a premiere on August 4 in Hungary’s city of Szekszárd. Afterwards, the NucKids 2018 team traveled to a number of Russian cities, including Moscow.


For reference:

NucKids (Nuclear Kids) is a charity-supported international creative project for children initiated by Rosatom’s Communication Department 10 years ago. The project is aimed at developing friendship between children of nuclear engineers, with talented kids annually selected for staging an original musical directed by adults.