Towards New Industry

RIN President presented the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) project to Azerbaijani partners.

Construction of a CNST can be a starting point for nuclear industry development in Azerbaijan. This was announced by Alexander Merten, President of Rusatom International Network (RIN) at the international conference entitled “Energy of the Future: Challenges and Opportunities”. The conference was held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on September 11–12, 2018.

Speaking at the conference, Alexander Merten noted that nuclear was the foundation for a low-carbon economy and explained the versatility of nuclear technology.

The plan to construct CNST has been approved by the Government of Azerbaijan.

CNST can be used to fabricate isotopes for medical and industrial applications, sterilize medical equipment, and irradiate foods and agricultural produce to extend their shelf life and protect against pests. “CNST is a driver of research and technological development, a basis of nuclear infrastructure, and a doorway to the entire range of nuclear products and services,” Alexander Merten said.

Rosatom’s subsidiary also presented an integrated offer for the construction of large-scale nuclear power plants.

For reference

Rusatom International Network is a Rosatom Group company founded in 2014 to promote Russian nuclear products and services on the global market.

Centres for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNSTs) are complex scientific & commercial facilities and laboratories built around a research reactor. CNST projects are scalable and applicable across a wide variety of geographical contexts. For many newcomer countries, they can be a first stepping stone in developing national nuclear programs. CNSTs serve as platforms for developing the science and technology sector, enhancing the educational system and increasing the country’s innovative potential. Ultimately, these institutions have the capabilities to transform local economies, address developmental challenges and foster the skills and expertise necessary for further development of the nuclear industry.