One Step Away From Power Generation

The first 2.5 MW wind turbine was erected on the wind farm in Russia’s southern republic of Adygea.

With the rotor’s diameter (including blades) of nearly 100 meters, the height of the wind turbine tower reaches 149 meters. The tower consisting of eight sections was erected by 35 workers with four cranes and auxiliary machinery. The most complex operations – installation of the nacelle, generator and hub with pre-assembled blades – were performed using a 500-ton capacity crane at the height of 120 meters. The foundations for other wind turbines are completed, and two more towers are being set up at the moment.

“Although, we had not had much experience in manufacturing or installing this type of wind turbines before, we have managed to achieve high precision and good installation speed when erecting the first turbine of the Adygea wind farm,” Andrei Nesteruk, Deputy Director General for Life Cycle of Wind Farms at NovaWind said.

He noted that the success of the operation was achieved thanks to the competent management of the international supply chain. Much attention was also paid to the streamlining of installation and assembly processes. “The achieved results suggest a stepwise increase in the installation speed at the next wind turbines,” Andrei Nesteruk said.

Adygea wind farm will have 60 wind turbines with a total capacity of 150 MW. The wind park will reduce power shortage in the republic of Adygea by 20%. The wind power plant is expected to generate its first electricity in September. The annual average production will stand at 354 million kWh.

«Wind power is a strategic choice for Rosatom as we are engaged in low-carbon electricity generation. Our approach is clear and simple: nuclear generates base-load power and is supplemented by wind energy»

Alexey Likhachev, Director General, Rosatom


Rosatom Enters Wind Power Market

Rosatom will commission a total of 1 GW of wind generation capacity in Russia’s four southern regions by the end of 2022. Wind farms will be built in Adygea (150 MW), Krasnodar Krai (200 MW), Stavropol Krai (330 MW), and Rostov-on-Don Region (400 MW).

The Russian government demands the share of localized technology in wind generation projects in Russia to stand at 65% at least. NovaWind plans to increase this share to 88% by 2020.

NovaWind is a Rosatom Group company founded in 2017 to bring together wind generation assets of the Russian nuclear corporation and implement its strategy in wind power generation. NovaWind’s technology partner is Lagerwey (the Netherlands) with almost 40-year experience in design, production and operation of wind turbines and supply chain management. According to Rosatom’s experts, the Dutch manufacturer has the most promising technology that uses direct drive and has no gearbox. Having much lower maintenance costs than other wind turbines, direct drive generators have been gaining their share of the global market.

The NovaWind generators and nacelles are manufactured in Volgodonsk by Atommash (part of Rosatom’s power engineering division). Investments in the production facility amounted to RUB 955 million (USD 15.2 million). The manufacturing company is Red Wind B.V., a joint venture of NovaWind and Lagerwey. It is planned that the company will manufacture around 96 generator and nacelle sets per year. The equipment will be supplied both to the domestic and global markets.