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March 2014
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Lead Story
Technology of Supercritical Importance
Atomenergomash, Rosatom’s engineering plant, presented its project of a power unit for supercritical steam parameters coaling-station (USSP) at Russian Power conference. We tried to estimate the prospects of the new technology. The USSP technology was first tested in Russia. The first experimental supercritical boiler (pressure of 350 atm; temperature of 650 °С) was made at ZiO-Podolsk (today one of the major producers of high-tech heat-exchange equipment for Fuel & Energy Complex enterprises; nuclear and thermal power plants, oil and gas industry) in 1949. At the beginning of the 1960-ies at the Kashirskaya GRES a power unit with such an installment was launched. However at that time power engineers were only in the process of studying supercritical parameters – 540 – 560 °С. The world became ready for USSP common use only in the 1990-ies.
In Brief
Short news
Mutual Trust | Rolls for ArcelorMittal | IAEA visited the Baltic NPP
From Scandium to Alternative Energy
Uranium One Holding President Vadim Zhivov shared with us some details of scandium production project.
Experience Exchange
In April Rosatom is organizing two international grounds for atomists in the RF capital city.