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May 2014
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Attractive force
ROSATOM and Russian Railways (a Russian vertically integrated company which owns the public infrastructure, most of rolling stock and is the major operator of railways in Russia) signed a cooperation agreement at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. The companies are to merge efforts to build a bullet magnetic levitation (maglev) train and to implement several projects in the field of safety. The maglev trains are capable of speeding up to 500 km/h. They are low noise and environment friendly.
In Brief
Short news
Negotiations with China | ROSATOM joined Top-10 | To study the Russian experience
Alchemists of nuclear diagnostics
Two ROSATOM’s institutes – St. Petersburg NIIEFA and Moscow NIITFA – have launched manufacture of cyclotrons to produce isotopes and instruments for synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals. The work was done very fast and under a federal target program.
In Focus
To Protect The Unique Wild Life
Mantra Tanzania will closely cooperate with the Wild Life Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism of the United Republic of Tanzania to combat illegal elephant hunting in the south of the Selous Game Reserve.