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February 2013
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Lead Story
Safe Power
A group of plenipotentiaries for international organizations in Vienna visited the Kalinin nuclear power plant and appreciated its high safety. Visits of delegations to Russian nuclear objects have already become somewhat traditional.
In Brief
Advanced Experience
Viacheslav Pershukov, the Director of Directorate for Scientific and Technical Complex, was interviewed by the “Arguments and Facts” newspaper. Here are some of his most interesting answers.
From Rio to Munich
Rosatom Took Part in the Major International Events for Nuclear Specialists.
Construction in Progress
February proved “hot time” for Russian NPP builders. Every site has had its important events. Let’s have a look on how work is going on Russian nuclear sites.
New-Style Welding
Automated welding of the main circulation piping will be used for the first time at Novovoronezh-2 NPP, currently under construction.
Launching of the Turbine
Steam-turbine plant for experimental-industrial unit with SVBR-100 will be manufactured and delivered by the Ukranian Turboatom.