Review for Rooppur NPP

The International Atomic Energy Agency completed a Technical Safety Review – Design Safety (TSR-DS) peer review of the Rooppur NPP’s selected aspects of design safety documentation.

The review team was made up of IAEA staff members and international senior experts. They analyzed selected sub-chapters of the Rooppur NPP Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) based on IAEA safety standards.

The TSR-DS review provides recommendations to further enhance the PSAR documentation focusing on accident analysis.

“The peer review was conducted as part of an IAEA technical cooperation project that focuses on achieving effective regulatory oversight during the construction phase. It is aimed at training staff of the national authority on reviewing safety assessment documentation,” the IAEA states.

For reference:

The IAEA’s TSR services encompass six safety assessment and design safety technical subject areas. They support Member States, on request, in the application of IAEA safety standards and serve to support national authorities in carrying out their responsibility in safety assessment and design safety. The TSR services do not constitute any kind of licensing activity.