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#227March 2020

Rooppur is a Project of Friendly Nations

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The Bangladesh delegation led by Yafes Osman arrived in Volgodonsk to visit Atommash, a local plant of AEM Technologies (a subsidiary of Atomenergomash, Rosatom’s nuclear engineering division), and check the status of products for the two reactor units of the Rooppur NPP currently under construction.

The guests visited the plant’s production facilities and saw how the main parts of the steam generator shells were welded together. Workers told the delegates about key production processes and control points. The parties discussed how controls could be optimized to meet the production schedule.

“This is not just another business project, but rather a project of friendly nations. And the project goes forward in the same friendly atmosphere,” Yafes Osman said.

In early March, Atommash completed welding and assembly of the steam generator shells for Rooppur Unit 1.

The steam generators belong to the nuclear island and are safety class 1 products. Each reactor unit has four steam generators.

Machining of the first 160-tonne steam generator shell is about to finish. The other three shells are at different stages of completion. Atommash will also manufacture four steam generator shells for Rooppur’s second unit.

Earlier, ZiO-Podolsk (a subsidiary of Atomenergomash) shipped a set of machinery for the turbine island of the Rooppur NPP. It was the last out of four sets for Unit 1 of the country’s first nuclear power plant.

Russia produces all the machinery and equipment for Rooppur. They are delivered to the Port of Mongla by sea and then to the construction site by river. According to experts, this way of delivery is more convenient and reliable than transportation by rail or road. A port has been built on the Padma River flowing near Rooppur to receive ‘nuclear’ cargoes. As soon as the water level rises in the river during the next wet season, heavy machinery and equipment will begin to arrive at the site.

“Half of the equipment for the emergency core cooling system of Unit 1 has been delivered to the site. Delivery of heavy-weight equipment will begin after the water level in the Padma River rises. We do everything what is needed to finish the work on time,” Yafes Osman said earlier in an interview to BanglaNews.

The main component of the power unit – a reactor pressure vessel – will be delivered to the site in September and installed in October or November.

The Government of Bangladesh is interested in developing other nuclear programs. At present, the authorities are looking for a site to locate the country’s second nuclear power plant. “As soon as we build Rooppur, we will launch the second project. The experience gained will be very useful to us. We are now looking for a site,” Yafes Osman said.

Patuakhali and Barguna districts are among those considered. The final decision will be made by a foreign contractor that will be selected to construct the second nuclear plant in Bangladesh.


For reference

The Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is constructed to the Russian design. The plant will consist of two 1,200 MW power units with VVER reactors. Their design life is 60 years extendable by 20 more years. Unit 1 of the Rooppur NPP is scheduled for commissioning in 2023, to be followed by the second unit in 2024.


Bangladesh delegation led by Science Minister Yafes Osman visiting Atommash

Assembly of the lower half-shell of the reactor for Rooppur NPP Unit 1 at Atommash