Strong Ties
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#256August 2022

Strong Ties

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Rooppur nuclear power plant, the first in the country, has enhanced cooperation between Bangladesh and Russia. In July, high-ranking officials and nuclear professionals from Bangladesh visited a number of nuclear power plants in Russia.

On July 25, a delegation headed by Minister of Science and Technology of Bangladesh Yeafesh Osman visited the Petrozavodsk branch of AEM Technologies (part of Rosatom’s power engineering division AtomEnergoMash). The visitors were first taken to the welding and assembly department to see how equipment is manufactured for two units of the under-­construction Rooppur NPP. The delegation was then shown around other production areas for tanks, vessels, steam headers, and primary coolant pipes.

“Construction of the Rooppur NPP pushed the development of Bangladesh’s economy forward. Today, we have seen that equipment for our plant is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. You have demonstrated due diligence, so we remain confident that all of the contractual obligations will be met,” Yeafesh Osman said.

A few days earlier, representatives of the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (BAERA) had visited the Novovoronezh NPP. The inspectors from BAERA took part in a training session arranged by the Don Interregional Territorial Agency for Nuclear and Radiation Safety.

Russian experts shared their experience in performing supervisory functions at different stages of the nuclear power plant service life, and explained the critical role of regulatory bodies for the entire industry. “A strong regulatory authority is an important element of the plant’s safety. Without assistance from Russia, it is impossible to cope with the amount of work we are going to do. This is a chance for us to compare and align the processes existing here with those we will have in our country,” said Dipan Shikdar, a BAERA officer.

The BAERA representatives also visited the main control room and turbine island of Novovoronezh NPP Unit 6 featuring a Generation III+ VVER‑1200 reactor. The unit serves as a reference for those now constructed at Rooppur and used as one of the training sites for Rooppur operators.

Construction of two VVER‑1200 reactor units with a total capacity of 2,400 MW is going full tilt at Rooppur. Russian nuclear companies manufacture all key systems and equipment for the plant. In July, a contract was signed with Rooppur for the supply of equipment for liquid radioactive waste management. SverdNIIKhimMash (part of Rosatom’s power engineering division AtomEnergoMash) will act as a supplier. The contract provides for the company to design, manufacture and supply three drain water treatment facilities, three deep evaporation plants, two waste cementation facilities, two waste conditioning units, two intermediary storage plants, spent ion-exchange resin (IER) loaders and unloaders, and a transportation cask for spent IER. The equipment is expected to be delivered to Rooppur by the third quarter of 2023, with SverdNIIKhimMash experts to assist in installation and commissioning. “We know SverdNIIKhimMash as a reliable partner who develops high-quality equipment. With this contract, we are certain to meet our obligations to manufacture and install the equipment at Rooppur just in time,” said Alexei Deriy, Director of the Rooppur construction project.

AtomEnergoMash (AEM) is Rosatom’s power engineering division and one of Russia’s largest power machinery producers providing comprehensive solutions in design, manufacture and supply of machinery and equipment for nuclear, thermal, petroleum, shipbuilding and steel-­making industries.