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#205May 2018

Talents for Rooppur

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All of them – 70 engineers, 24 researchers and six managers – are graduates from Bangladeshi universities. They will undergo additional training in Russia and India before starting their jobs at Rooppur.

A special Bangladeshi-Russian commission is in charge of the recruitment process. It is also responsible for additional training and knowledge assessment of employees.

“We will work on improving skills of our researchers and engineers to meet international construction, operation and safety standards,” said Dr. Shawkat Akbar, NPPCL Managing Director and Rooppur Project Director.

According to Anwar Hossain, Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a new training center will be established on the plant’s site. Rooppur will need 2,700 qualified employees to operate and maintain its two power units, with 2,535 of them to work right on the site.

New employees will be trained in Russia and India. According to agreements between the countries, Bangladesh will send abroad 251 university graduates in 2019, 309 in 2020, 507 in 2021 and 86 in 2022 respectively. All of them will do an internship at Russian nuclear power plants.