Production Completed

The Czech-based Vítkovice Heavy Machinery (VHM) has finished manufacturing large components of the magnet for the nuclotron-based ion collider facility (NICA), which is now under construction at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia.

With the order price of about 35 million Czech korunas (USD 1.6 million), the production of the magnet components has taken 2.5 years. “This is the largest item manufactured by our company over the past 18 years,” said VHM CEO Daniel Kurucz. The product weighs 600 tons, measures 9 m x 8 m x 7.6 m, with a circular opening of 6.6 m in diameter in the center.

According to Ivan Štekl, Director of the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Vitkovice’s product will serve as the load bearing part of the magnet, which is now produced in Italy. “It will become an important part of the massive solenoid magnet for the Multi-Purpose Detector which will comprise hundreds of thousands of subdetectors and serve the purpose of studying the behavior of materials after compaction,” added Ivan Štekl.