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June 2017
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Lead Story
Offer That Conquers the World
Rosatom is an undoubted leader in global nuclear construction. Its 10-year international contract portfolio grew 21% last year to 133.4 billion US dollars. The secret of success is its unparalleled integrated offer providing access to the entire range of products and services throughout the entire nuclear plant life cycle.

In Brief
Rosatom Enters Wind Industry
Renewables are growing globally, and so is the wind industry. In Russia, renewable energy will account for 2% of total power consumption by 2024, including 3.6 GW to be supplied by wind. Wind power projects are considered by Rosatom as a major non-nuclear point of growth to supplement its conventional nuclear business. The company is going to build three wind parks in Russia.
In Focus
New Life for Nuclear Plants
Maintenance and repair services are one of Rosatom’s fastest growing businesses. Rusatom Service offers a full range of services and supplies required to maintain and repair foreign nuclear power plants with VVER reactors. Rusatom Service operates in 10 countries worldwide, providing maintenance services at 22 operating VVER-based power units and eight reactors under construction.
Small Plants with Broad Prospects
Electricity is a must for the development of remote mountainous areas. Expanding the power grid into such regions is a costly, long-term endeavor, which is not always feasible economically. With mini hydro power plants offered by Rosatom, the solution is already here.
Fuel Cycle
TVS-K Wins Fuel Market
Rosatom holds 17% of the global nuclear fuel market and supplies fuel to 15 countries. The last two years brought a breakthrough for the company. In addition to fuel for the Russian VVER reactors, Rosatom now offers fuel for Western-designed reactors.