The Paks II connection

The Hungarian government made the decision to start building a new bridge across the Danube river to connect Kalocsa and Paks towns in late 2019, local media report.

Current plans assume that the bridge will be constructed in 2,5 years and will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2022.

The approximate length of the bridge is 950 meters. It is designed as an automotive one, but pedestrians and bicyclists will also be able to use it. The construction will be financed by public funds.

The question of the bridge had arisen during public hearings on the Paks II nuclear power plant project. People needed this bridge to make a shortcut to work at Paks NPP.  Local inhabitants hope that the new bridge will make their life more comfortable and will bring economic benefits.

The Paks II project team directed people’s request to Hungarian government and the Kalocsa-Paks bridge project was approved after thorough examination.

For reference:

Paks II NPP is projected as two units with Generation III+ reactor of VVER-1200 type. According to the Hungarian-Russian intergovernmental agreement, the nuclear power plant will be supplied by Rosatom’s ASE Group. At the moment the project is undergoing licensing procedures at the Hungarian nuclear safety authority.