Vessel for Belarus Unit 2 Delivered

A reactor vessel for Unit 2 was delivered to the site of the Belarus Nuclear Power Plant. The 330-ton 13-meter long and 4.5-meter wide vessel is undergoing the incoming inspection process.

“Transportation of any cargo of that size is always a very difficult task in terms of logistics, and it takes much time,” said Andrei Loginov, Belarus NPP Project Manager from ASE. “The transportation process was monitored by Russian and Belarusian experts from the very beginning,” he added. The complexity class of the delivered component requires checks to be performed at every production stage, from purchasing steel to shipping the finished piece. The total quality assurance program for reactor vessels includes more than 300 checks involving representatives of the customer, general contractor and regulator. More tests are performed during the manufacturing process, including hydrostatic tests and dimensional stability tests, as part of the quality assurance procedure. After the reactor vessel passes incoming acceptance tests, it will be placed in its permanent position in the reactor pit of Belarus NPP Unit 2.