RITM-200 Installed at Sibir Icebreaker

In Saint Petersburg, the Baltic Shipyard completed the installation of the second RITM-200 reactor on the new generation Sibir nuclear icebreaker.

Installation of the first reactor was completed earlier, on 14 December. RITM-200 is an innovative pressurized water reactor developed and manufactured for the icebreaker fleet by AtomEnergoMash, Rosatom’s engineering division. The new reactor unit is unparalleled for its compact size and cost efficiency. Its integrated design provides for the placement of core equipment inside the steam generator shell and makes the unit twice as light, half more compact and 25 MW more powerful than the existing icebreaker reactors of the KLT series. The reactor design enables the icebreaker to be used both in deep Arctic waters and river estuaries and improves its icebreaking speed and other performance indicators. The reactors have a service life of 40 years and are protected by a containment made of steel, water and concrete.