Real Benefits

Rosatom experts spoke about the merits of building a nuclear center in Mongolia. Over sixty Russian and Mongolian experts, including representatives of Rosatom and Mongolia’s Nuclear Energy Commission, researchers and scientists, took part in a seminar held in Ulaanbaatar.

Dmitry Vysotsky, Director for Nuclear Research Reactors at Rusatom Overseas, described the benefits of constructing a nuclear science and technology center. “The nuclear science and technology center will play a great role in Russian-Mongolian research cooperation. It will also create new jobs in Mongolia,” – he said. – The construction of the center will provide a new level of mining technology.. Another benefit is the possibility of fabricating isotopes for medical and industrial use. In the future, we can also establish a network of irradiation centers to extend the shelf life of food products.”

Manlaijav Gun-Aajav, Secretary of the Nuclear Energy Commission of Mongolia, stressed the significance of the project for the country. “The establishment of a nuclear center will, first and foremost, give an impetus to research efforts of Mongolia’s scientists and engineers. This will be an important step towards training the workforce for nuclear power industry.” Mongolia also expects that nuclear centers will help expand the use of nuclear technologies in the food industry, agriculture, healthcare, and isotope production.

According to the memorandum on cooperation in constructing nuclear centers (the document was signed in February 2018 – RN), Russia and Mongolia are to agree on the preliminary requirements and specifications for the facilities to be built, and develop a road map for the project.