Power Line to El Dabaa

Construction of an overhead power line to connect El Dabaa NPP and Egypt’s power grid will take half a year, the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company(EEHC) said as quoted by Daily News Egypt.

Elsewedy Electric (SWDY) was selected as a contractor for the construction of a 255 km long 500 kV power line. The contract has been drafted and is expected to be signed by the end of March. The parties plan to finance the project with bank loans and, as at mid-March, were negotiating the loan interest rate with potential lenders. The loan is expected to be repaid within three years.

Sources say that the new power line will also improve power transmission to and from Libya in addition to connecting El Dabaa to the national power grid. According to preliminary estimates, the contract price for the El Dabaa overhead power line will amount to £E 3.6 billion ($204.17 million).