Top 1 in Procurement Transparency

Rosatom was ranked first among over 70 companies for transparency in public and corporate procurement in the 10th National Procurement Transparency Study.

Procurement processes in the participating companies and organizations were rated for transparency, compliance, absence of corrupt practices and illegal contracting schemes. “Our ranking methodology is clear and straightforward as we use actual data and mathematic formulas. I believe that the results obtained are indicative of maturity achieved by the participating companies in their procurement processes,” said Viktor Simonenko, Steering Committee Chairman of the National Procurement Transparency Study. “Rosatom’s victory was well anticipated. Many recognize Rosatom as a current leader in the best procurement practices. The level of competition in Rosatom’s procurement processes is double as high as the market average,” Simonenko explained. “Their procurement department creates new, efficient methods and category management tools. As far as I know, they have a business unit specializing in category management. Other companies surely have to tap to Rosatom’s expertise and use it in practice.”