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#193October 2017

Russia, Japan Discussed Development of Fast Breeder Technology

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“Russia and Japan continue working on the development of a closed nuclear fuel cycle and fast neutron technology. The two countries consider these areas to be essential for improving competitiveness of the nuclear industry, slowing down accumulation of spent nuclear fuel, and enabling efficient use of uranium resources,” Vyacheslav Pershukov said. At present, Russia is a leader in fast breeder technologies. The country brought a BN-800 fast neutron reactor online last year and continues the development of a more powerful BN-1200 fast breeder. As part of its long-term strategy, Russia is also developing BREST reactor with inherent safety features. This lead-cooled fast reactor to run on mononitride fuel is developed in accordance with an on-site nuclear fuel management concept. Russia is also pushing ahead with fast reactors cooled with lead-bismuth eutectic and designed to be used in local power grids in the long term.