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#233September 2020

Rosatom to Use Umbrella Brand

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The Russian nuclear corporation has changed the look of its logotype — ​from now on, each company will use a Möbius strip as its trademark. Besides, the word ‘Rosatom’ will be added to the company’s existing name (see examples below). Legal names will not be changed.

The unified logotype based on Rosatom’s logo will help developing a joint positioning strategy for all Rosatom Group companies in the national and international markets.

The logotype will unambiguously identify a company as belonging to the Russian nuclear corporation. Rosatom’s management expects to increase brand awareness, recognition and visibility in media, thus making Rosatom Group companies more competitive on the global scale.

The practice of sharing similar visual identity — ​using the same logotype and brand name — ​is called umbrella branding and often used by large companies, including those in the energy industry. For example, General Electric uses an umbrella brand; Virgin Energy has become part of the Virgin Home umbrella brand. RusHydro, a Russian operator of hydro power plants, has also switched over to an umbrella brand recently.

“A company will spend time and money making people aware of a brand and communicating what the brand means. If an existing product has already done that work, then the investment needed to launch a new product is significantly reduced if the new product can share the existing brand,” this is how the logic behind an umbrella brand is explained on the web portal

This logic is also confirmed by Rosatom’s press release, “Rosatom has established a strong and reputable brand on the global scale; using the name that has existed over decades for new non-nuclear products (digital products, development of the Arctic, environmental projects, mechanical engineering, etc.) opens up new opportunities for Rosatom in entering prospective markets.”

The rebranding campaign has become part of the United Rosatom strategy adopted this April. The strategy provides for transition from global leadership in the nuclear industry to global technology leadership. Rosatom plans to earn over 40 % of its revenue from selling new products, and more than a half of its earnings is expected to come from international contracts.

The overarching goal set by Rosatom is to strengthen the unity of its group companies by improving project management and teamwork. The strategy also aims to unlock the potential of Rosatom employees to the maximum extent possible, including by way of continuous education and talent acquisition.

The mission of the Russian nuclear corporation is to use achievements in nuclear science and high technology for the benefit of people.

Rosatom Group includes over 400 companies employing more than 250,000 people. The rebranding campaign is aligned with the 75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry celebrated this year.